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Saudi Arabia’s top developers came out in force on 4-5 May 2014 to discuss opportunities emerging in the greater Jeddah region. Over 100 senior-level executives attended over the 2 days, which featured case studies on Bawabat Makkah, Dhahiat Sumou, Kingdom Tower & City and Prince Sultan Cultural Centre.

There is no better place in the Kingdom’s commercial capital to discuss Saudi Arabia’s dynamic real estate market.


Excellently-organised, highly-focused people, promising meetings and exchange of ideas at an executive level makes this event so special in Saudi Arabia. Time well spent
Jurgen Herre, Head of MENA, Hines

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  • 2014 Agenda

    04 - 05 May 2014

    Welcome to the Jeddah Real Estate Summit – the most important gathering of real estate professionals in the Kingdom

    Jeddah Real Estate Summit is the key networking event for developers, government officials, investors and financiers shaping the real estate industry in the capital.


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    Chairman’s Opening Remarks

    Zuhair Hamzah, General Manager, Tamlik, KSA

    Development Update

    Dhahiat Sumou: Requirements and expected impact

    • Expected impact of urbanization on Makkah and Jeddah
    • Makkah-Jeddah Highway’s role in future regional development
    • Challenges to the project and business that remains to be assigned
    • Outlining supportive requirements and projects

    Eng. Khaled Al Telmesani, CEO & Managing Director, Sumou Holding Co, KSA

    Aiming at the Center

    Middle-income housing project trends, from public and private sectors

    • New design features sought by Saudi Arabia's middle income homebuyer
    • Where Jeddah's middle and upper middle income earners will live in 2020
    • How financiers are adjusting to this new market
    • Remaining challenges to reaching the middle
    • The building communities trend: Will it leave small developers in the cold?

    Ziad Al Bassam, CEO, Al Bassam Group, KSA
    Gagan Suri, Vice President, Head of Real Estate, Asset Management, NCB Capital, KSA
    Abdulaziz A Al Abdullah, CEO, Nowayrah Real Estate DevelopmentCo, KSA
    Neil Tobin, COO, Sedco Real Estate Development Co, KSA

    Community Living

    Creating a Red Sea destination for locals and visitors alike

    • Kingdom Tower and City development update and how it is expected to alter the shoreline’s character
    • Monetizing investment in family-friendly entertainment venues with strategic planning
    • Challenges to building along the Red Sea, and considerations for developers
    • Calculating the importance of common areas
    Abubakr Hejazi, CEO, Ehteraf Development Co, KSA
    Mounib Hammoud, CEO, Jeddah Economic Co, KSA
    Ehab Taleb Al Amri, CEO, Jubail Development Co, KSA

    Measuring Assets:

    Assessing how the performance of built assets contribute to national GBP

    • What proportion of a country’s GDP can be attributed to built assets?
    • Which countries generate the greatest returns?
    • How are Saudi Arabia’s buildings and infrastructure performing?
    • What opportunities does this create?

    Hisham Al Malaika, Partner / Head of Property and Social Infrastructure – Saudi Arabia, Arcadis, KSA

    15.25 Networking Lunch & Prayer Break

    Comparing ROIs for 2-3* hotels, versus 4* and destination hotels in the Jeddah region

    • What entertainment facilities would be popular enough to help Jeddah become the seaside resort of choice for the Gulf-based tourist?
    • Are the financial returns attractive enough from a developer's point of view?
    • Can Jeddah deliver the volume business necessary to keep budget hotels in the black?
    • How can Jeddah hospitality accommodate Makkah visitors?

    Samer Sabra, Vice President - Investment & Development, Riyada International Hotels & Resorts, KSA
    Dr. Sobhi Agha, Vice President, SAB Properties, KSA

    Construction Systems

    Introducing automation into Saudi Arabian construction processes

    • Comparing rising labor and materials costs to automation investments
    • Initial trials with quicker construction methods
    • What is the market appetite for these new products?

    Eng. Ahmed Mohmoud Abulola, Director of Operations & Developments, Ewaan Global Residential Co, KSA

    Development Update
    17.15 Ways to support Jeddah's ambitious development goals
    • Developments to expect when Jeddah's Master Plan is updated
    • What JDURC seeks in future private-sector partners, and benefits JDURC offers as a public partner
    • Creating financial frameworks and products to better support large scale real estate projects and to improve affordability

    Arch. Nidhal Taibah, Vice President for Development, Jeddah Development & Urban Regeneration Co. (JDURC), KSA

    Affordable Housing:

    How real estate-generated funds provide a new perspective on affordable housing

    • Potential incentives to provide affordable housing in Saudi Arabia
    • Alternative sources of funding for less affluent residential projects
    • Whose responsibility is it to provide affordable housing?

    Samer Choucair, Deputy CEO & Head of Investments, Best Choice Real Estate Co, Bh


    Chairman’s Closing Remarks

    Zuhair Hamzah, General Manager, Tamlik, KSA

    22.00 Exhibition Closes
    12.00 Networking Lunch

    Chairman’s Opening Remarks

    Zuhair Hamzah, General Manager, Tamlik, KSA

    Development Update

    Bawabat Makkah: How to build a sustainable, 1-million-person city on deadline

    • Specializations now being solicited
    • Monies allocated for the next 12 months, from May 2014
    • Stakeholder management techniques for politically-driven projects
    • How to assure Saudi land doesn't sit vacant, accruing value
    • Managing the timescale and finances in tandem, and forecasting required partnerships now
    • Outlining eight subproject status and emerging requirements
    • Alternative techniques for raising cash on deadline

    Eng. Essam Kalthoum, Managing Director, Bawabat Makkah Co, KSA

    Good Politics
    13.50 Bottom-up solutions to property development red tape & general bureaucracy
    • Defining the cost of project delays due to slow licensing and permitting action
    • Does the private sector ask too much of government, and where should priorities lie?
    • What are the available means and tools for the Jeddah property community to act to achieve things more efficiently?

    Dr. Raeyd Al Dakheel, CEO, Mawten Real Estate Co, KSA
    Dr. Ahmed A Bakarman, CEO, Raseel Properties Co., KSA

    Community Living:

    Creating and managing residential developments’ common areas and facilities for sustainable property values and lifestyles

    • Setting and enforcing residence fee schedules
    • Creating income streams to pay for additional facilities and maintenance
    • Who owns the common spaces, and who should be responsible?
    • Home owner association regulations and implementation barriers
    • How do you tell what facilities would be most valuable to end-users?
    • Once identified, how can a developer assure those facilities are available?

    Ahmed AlHatti, Chairman & President, Cayan Group, KSA
    Eyhab Khalil, General Manager, Rikaz Properties, KSA

    Development Update:

    Developer and investor requirements for Prince Sultan Cultural Center (PSCC)

    • Bidding opportunities this summer and fall for sub-developers
    • Hotel and other PSCC projects requiring investors
    • Partnership structures taking precedence and emerging communication requirements on the PSCC project
    • Lessons learned so far when planning and building a satellite city
    Ahmed Al-Sanousi, CEO, Prince Sultan Cultural Center, KSA



    Networking & Prayer Break


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    Off-plan Laws


    How to make the regulation work for sellers as well as buyers

    • How important to the Saudi market is improved off-plan legislation?
    • Difficulties in winning an off-plan license
    • Improving the image of off-plan buying of properties

    Khalid Kamal, Executive Director, ASDAF Real Estate Development, KSA
    Tariq Ramadan, Chairman, Tharaa Holding, UAE


    How mortgage regulations can be improved and how developers can support the mortgage market

    • Understanding the levels of protection now granded, and what more is needed
    • Developer's role in supporting an emerging mortgage business
    • Informal understandings taking hold, while the last two mortgage laws ermain inert

    Eng. Hussain Rageh Al Zahrani, General Manager of Loans / Funds, Real Estate Development Fund, KSA
    Bandar Al-Gaeiti, Head of Regional Personal Banking for the Western Area, Saudi Hollandi Bank, KSA
    Khaled A Al Othman, Founder & CEO, Saudi Mubadara Development Co, KSA

    Labor Solutions

    Training new talent; supporting redevelopment of informal settlements

    • Training slum residents to do construction work, with the assistance of the greater real estate community in the Jeddah region
    • Examples of trade programs turning unemployed Saudis into laborers
    • Timeframes and commitments required to make it work

    Dr. Sami Al-Nwaisir, Chairman, Al Sami Holding Co, KSA
    Youssef Khattar, Executive Director, Samama Real Estate Development, KSA


    Chairman’s closing remarks

    Zuhair Hamzah, General Manager, Tamlik, KSA

    22.00 Exhibition Closes  
  • 2014 Speakers

    Abdulaziz Al Abdullah
    Nowayrah Real Estate Development Co
    Abubakr Hejazi
    Ehteraf Development Co
    Ahmed Mohmoud Abulola
    Director of Operation & Developments
    Ewaan Global
    Dr. Ahmed A. Bakarman
    Raseel Properties Co
    Ahmed M. AlHatti
    President & Chairman of the Board
    Cayan Group
    Ahmed Al Sanousi
    Prince Sultan Cultural Centre (PSCC)
    Eng. Hussain Al Zahrani
    General Manager
    Real Estate Development Fund

    Eng. Khalid M. Al Telmesani
    CEO & Managing Director
    Sumou Holding Co.

    Bandar Al Samman
    Head of Retail Assets
    Saudi Hollandi Bank

    Eng Essam Kalthoum
    Managing Director
    Bawabat Makkah Co

    Ehab Taleb Al Amri
    Jubail Development Co.
    Eyhab Rahmah
    General Manager
    Khalid M. Al Telmesani
    CEO & Managing Director
    Sumou Holding Co.
    Gagan Suri
    Vice President, Head of Real Estate, Asset Management
    NCB Capital
    Khalid Al Othman
    Founding Partner & CEO
    Saudi Mubadara Development Co
    Khalid Kamal
    Executive Director
    ASDAF Real Estate Development Co.
    Mohamad Rabih Itani
    Best Choice Real Estate Development Co
    Mounib Hammoud
    Jeddah Economic Co. (JEC)
    Neil Tobin
    Chief Operating Officer
    SEDCO Development
    Arch. Nidhal Taibah
    Vice President for Development
    Jeddah Development & Urban Regeneration Co
    Dr. Raeyd Al Dakheel
    Mawten Real Estate Co
    Dr. Sami Al-Nwaisir
    Chairman of the Board
    AlSami Holding Group

    Samer Sabra
    Vice President
    Investment and Development Riyada International Hotels & Resorts

    Sobhi Suleiman Agha
    Vice President
    SAB Properties
    Tariq Ramadan
    Tharaa Holding
    Youssef Khattar
    Executive Director, Real Estate Development
    Samama Holding
    Ziad Al Bassam
    Al Bassam Group
    Zuhair F. Hamzah
    Executive Manager
  • Hear It From Others

    Cityscape Jeddah is an exciting event highlighting key questions, opportunities, technologies, best practices as well as, challenges of a market that is truly in transformation.

    Dr. Raeyd Al Dakheel, CEO, Mawten Real Estate Co, KSA

    Cityscape Jeddah is the most important network meeting. It is the key for modern Jeddah future planning.

    Khalid Kamal, Executive Director, ASDAF Real Estate Development Co, KSA

    Cityscape Jeddah conference was a great opportunity to get up to date on the real estate market in Jeddah, and also provided opportunities to network with key real estate professionals there as well.

    Tariq Ramadan, Chairman, Tharaa Holding, UAE

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